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Central Illinois Pool Restoration and Service was formed in 2014. 3 guys who have over 13+ years' experience each in pools and construction had full-time jobs with other pool and construction companies and did side pool work together on their own time. Now they have formed together to make Central Illinois Pools their full-time occupation.

No pool contractor in Central Illinois has more first-hand experience and knowledge in pools than these guys. 

Pools are very tricky and mistakes or wrong diagnosis can cost the homeowner hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Anyone can put a pool together, but it takes years of experience to put a pool together that last, problem free, for many years to come. We have the client references and pools we've installed for your referencing. 

If your spending more than $150 a pool season on chemicals then your pool company is not doing their job or they have not identified an existing problem or your not taking care of your pool correctly.....Let us show you how.

Outdoor Pool


To get your pool running, problem free with the least amount of cost.

To build you a pool that will last a lifetime, with the fewest of problems

Registered and Insured

Our General Liability insurance is by Next First Insurance Agency with 1,000,000/ $2,000,000 coverage

We are registered with the Illinois Department of Revenue, Fein no. 88-0778122, the IRS, and the State of Illinois, Lic. no. 00920-82304... as all business are supposed to be.

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